We use state of the art lighting fixtures to give you the highest quality. 

We can illuminate head tables, sweetheart tables and pin spot cakes.  We use the BRIGHTEST lights on the market.  Most companies use 10-20 watt fixtures. We use 150 watt fixtures (Up to 15x cleaner and stronger lights).  Our lighting produces strong beams of light that flow smoothly to the top of the ceiling and washes the room with color.  You’ll notice that our lighting does NOT fade half way up the wall.  Weaker fixtures look cheap in our opinion and take away from the “WOW” experience that you’re trying to leave on your guests with lighting.  There is NOT another company in Northern California that can duplicate the QUALITY of this lighting. 

The lighting was beautiful! Our pictures turned out amazing!
Todd and Laura DeHaan


  • Breath taking effects
  • Atmosphere
  • Added color
  • Improved photography
  • And MORE!

Monogram and Cake Lighting

We can highlight cakes with pinspots.  Cakes will glow and your guests will be impressed.  We can also place your name, initials or logo onto an adjacent wall or dance floor.  This adds a personal touch to any wedding or occasion.

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