Live In California? Here’s Why You Need A Smog Test

Here in California, all vehicles have to complete a smog test twice a year. But why?

Mandatory smog checks in California keep our air clean and safe to breathe. They protect all of our health. And when you work with the best local mechanics in Northern California, they don’t need to impact your schedule or budget.

Here’s what you need to know about getting a smog test in California:

Why do I need a smog check?

California smog check laws might seem strict, but we need them. As one of the biggest and most densely-populated states in the country, Californians drive a lot. So it’s important to make sure all that driving doesn’t pollute our air.

Having a smog check done on your vehicle twice a year prevents excessive emissions. That way, our air stays clean, safe, and pollution-free — so we can all breathe better.

How does it work?

A smog test happens in 3 parts:

First, mechanics inspect your vehicle to make sure all of your emissions control devices are installed and working. Then, they check the emissions warning light. After that, the car is hooked up to testing device to get an emissions reading from the tailpipe.

It’s quick and cheap — and you can get back on the road right away.

How often does my car need a smog check?

There are a few types of vehicles that are exempt from California smog check policy.

Special rules apply to smog tests for:

  • Hybrids
  • Electric cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Trailers
  • Cars 6 years old or younger
  • Cars made before 1976

If your vehicle doesn’t fit into any of those categories, you need to have a smog test conducted at least twice a year.

Where to get your car smogged in your neighborhood

Looking for a cheap, quick smog check?

If you’re in the area of Fairfield or Vacaville, CA, head to AASmog Station for a fast, reliable, and cheap smog check on your vehicle. You’ll be in, out, and back on the road in no time.

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