Why You Should Rethink Your Septic System Design

When’s the last time you took a look at your septic system design? If you haven’t updated your septic in a while, it could be wasting your money and polluting your property.

Installing a brand new septic system might not be the most exciting part of renovating your home, but it’s incredibly important.

Thanks to new septic tech and developments, modern septic system designs are cleaner, greener, and safer than they used to be. With a brand new system designed and installed by local septic experts, you won’t have to worry about waste and pollution.

Ready to rethink your septic system design? Work with the septic design experts who can keep your home safe and clean.

Modern septic system designs

The best septic system design for your property depends on a few factors. Plenty of commercial and residential properties still use a traditional tank and leach field system, but there are also a ton of affordable alternatives to keep your home and environment safe.

Here are a couple of the most popular modern septic systems:

An aerobic septic system pumps air into your septic tank, using electricity. The air will speed up the breakdown of solid waste. That means lighter, cleaner wastewater that doesn’t pollute your property.

A sand mound septic system uses mounds of heavy sand and gravel to filter wastewater, leaving it cleaner and safer by the time it reaches the leach field.

Great septic installation near you

If you need a professional to install, maintain, or repair the septic on your commercial or residential property, consider reaching out to NextGen Septic.

Their team of pros can provide the best quality septic design and installation services for an affordable cost. Give them a call, and let the experts design the best septic system for your property.

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