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Disc Jockey

We take pride in providing talented DJs.  Our DJs are friendly, outgoing and professional.  We are experts on the mic.  Our DJs do not simply play iPods:  in other words, we mix music smoothly without “dead air” to make sure your party doesn’t stop!

Let’s face it-  Most DJs don’t develop a strong skill set until they are older and have several years of experience under their belt.  Age then becomes a factor- being “older” sometimes creates a disconnect with a younger audience.  On the contrary, a younger or inexperienced DJ might not be familiar with the music that would be a hit with a crowd 25 years of age or older.  Our DJs are the perfect balance of youth and experience. 

Our DJs are diverse!  We are the perfect fit for ANY crowd.

We are fluent in more than 15 genres of music.  We can cover everything from rock and country to Top 40 and dance music.  We are the only full service DJ company in Northern California with this type of music library.  We give your event the variety to cater to all of your guests.

We are a group of guys who LOVE music and have dedicated our lives to making sure your event will be full of incredible memories.  Please contact us to learn more!